Why Hiring a Virtual Assistant makes Sense

I know I’m biased, but you have to agree; Hiring a Virtual Assistant makes sense.


I’m often asked about the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant and why small business owners should utilise a Virtual Assistant rather than go to a Temp Agency. I never have to ponder the question for too long as most of my answers are obvious. 

  • You do not need a full-time employee, but your workload is too much for your current staffing levels.
  • When you need an extra hand during busy periods.
  • If you need cover for employees on holiday, maternity or sick leave, but do not wish to pay all the overheads that go with it.
  • If you want to give a more professional image and create more ideas than you have time to implement.
  • Your business only require a few hours of support each day, week or month.
  • You need administrative support that is not tied to traditional office hours.
  • The need to free up office space for more productive and profitable use.
  • If you have to juggle when to take care of the administrative side of your business.

 What are the financial benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Everyone who owns a business, no matter how big or small wants to keep expenditure to a minimum and we all look for the benefits when signing off the cheque.

  • You only pay for the support your business needs.
  • The Virtual Assistant (VA) wants her business to flourish too, so you are guaranteed quality work.
  • The VA works only when you require, so you are not paying for a full time member of staff for a part time workload.
  • You don’t have to provide office space and equipment, the VA will have their own office. I am a Virtual Assistant in Exeter, Devon but I can support businesses anywhere in the world.
  • If you use the services of a Virtual Assistant on a regular basis, they get to know your business ~ Unlike hiring a temp from an Agency, where this may result in inconsistency where constant changes in support can occur.
  • An experienced Virtual Assistant as your professional partner can offer support and advice when needed.

 All of these benefits could be yours so easily, just Contact Me today.