Virtual Assistants’, What do we Do?

Virtual Assistants, what do we Do?

I’m thinking that at least 70% of you, if not more, will initially think of typing ~ a typist! The other 30% are either Virtual Assistants themselves or have used the services of one. Although there is nothing wrong with being a typist and if that is your sole service and you do it well, then that is excellent.

On the whole Virtual Assistants’ in today’s busy business environment are all-rounders, we have experience and knowledge and are able and capable of performing lots of different tasks and all from our virtual offices.

One of my clients calls me ‘Wonder woman’ Not because I can shield bullets from wrist cuffs or because I wear a nifty little red & blue costume to work, but because I look after many if not all of his back office business related tasks for him.

I’ll use his business and my work with it as an example.

When Nigel first contacted me he was looking for someone to help him out of the mess he had gotten into with his invoicing. In his words “He didn’t do admin” He is a talented tradesman who started out as that; the admin side of running a business was an afterthought.

I got to work quickly to set up his admin processes as he had none in place. Thankfully now all that has changed.

Now his quotes and invoicing are streamlined and efficient; the outcome of that means he is winning more business and getting paid for work quickly. I also take care of all his bookkeeping, I access his accounting programme on a weekly basis, and reconcile so it’s ready for his accountant.

When he first became my client, Nigel had no social media presence. He relied on costly advertisements in local newspapers to promote his business ~ they weren’t really working for him. So we set up Facebook and Twitter accounts, which I now manage for him. They both bring a lot of business his way, as potential customers can see his work and read testimonials from previous customers. Nigel occasionally lets me know what he wants to say on his accounts and I transform it into good copy that will allow the visitors to his page know of new techniques or materials he is using. The remainder of the time I post interesting and eye catching content on his behalf. He trusts that I have his business as a top priority. We work as a team.

I’ve designed postcards for him and sourced a good local reliable printer.  We then found a local free newspaper who were willing to insert his postcards for delivery with the paper at a very reasonable price.

As his business is now growing and more work is coming his way, he needs to be more time efficient. So we have set up an online diary for him ~ gone is the tatty old notepad he used to pencil his work schedule in; he may still use it, but I don’t see it. He lets me know of any prospective customers he has to see for quotes and I schedule them in for him.  He now also uses a CRM system, so we can keep track of his customers. His work is now streamlined and efficient. Gone are the days when the floor and dashboard of his van were an extension of his office.

Like most Virtual Assistants I am an organiser and am also very used to working for major business and employers.

I also love to get my imagination working, so there is nothing more fulfilling to me than organising an event. Be it a meeting or the opening of a multi-million pound pool at a Spa, you still need to be organised. You want the people you’ve invited to arrive on time, have a memorable time when they are there and then leave with good positive memories of your business. I have organised both of the above for clients, they have both run smoothly, my clients and the attendees have been very satisfied and I have also felt fulfilment at a job well executed.

So, there we have it Virtual Assistants can do almost anything your business needs, and yes, we also type ~ In fact I’ve just received a massive manual that needs to be copy typed and reformatted, so I’d best get on with it!

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Karina Bailey

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Written by Karina Bailey

Karina is the real person behind the Virtual Assistant. I support local small business owners, helping to relieve their admin stress and concentrate on their core business. When not at my desk working I can be found in graveyards, researching my family history. Dancing the Salsa and listening to local bands.