Hiring a VA Helps You Become the CEO of Your Business

No CEO of any Business does everything on their Own.


In fact, if you ask the employees they’ll say that the CEO doesn’t do anything. Of course, we all know that the CEO does a lot and what they do best is delegate.

Smart CEOs surround themselves with highly qualified and capable people that make them look good – people who love their jobs, and want to perform at the highest level; the thing that they consider themselves experts in. As an entrepreneur you can do that too.

You don’t have to be the CEO of a multi-million pound corporation to take some lessons from people who do. How do you think the Oprah’s of the world manage to do so much? They have help, and a lot of it.

Make a List

The first thing you need to do is sit down and make a list of all the things you do in your business. Track your work CEO-bookkeeping-listfor a month to have a good picture of what a day in the life of your business looks like. If you realise that you are leaving things out due to being so swamped, add those things in.

Organise the List

Once you have a list, separate the tasks into two groups. Group one being things you seriously hate doing, and often do at the last minute because you hate them so much. 

In the second group list all the tasks that you know that need to be done but you’re not an expert in, and while you can learn them, you know deep down that someone else should be doing them.

When you’ve done this take it one step further and create another list, which will be a kind of a wish list. List all the things you do now, that aren’t on the above lists, that you shouldn’t necessary have to do if you were the CEO of your business.

Ask yourself, “If I was Oprah, would I do this, or would I get someone else to do it?” This is how you’re going to organise the tasks that need to be done and select the different roles in which you need Virtual Assistant help.

Tasks a VA Can Do For Your Business

If you’re not sure what type of tasks a VA can do for your business let’s first define what a Virtual Assistant is. A VA is a contractor or freelancer who performs tasks and functions for you virtually. Using technology to accomplish them without having to be in your office. There are four main business functions that all businesses share that can be divided up. Such as:

  • Marketing – Market research, such as keyword research, social media profile management, social media management
  • Product Creation – Researching product feasibility, testing products, designing products, and so forth
  • Product Development – Taking the research and putting it all together into a cohesive product that answers the problems of the audience
  • Customer Service – Client follow up, email management, gathering testimonials, interviewing clients, creating FAQs, and so forth

These can also be divided up into five roles: creative, technical, administrative, marketing and finance.

  • Creative – Web site design, logo design, form design, infographic design, video creation
  • Technical – Website admin, back up services
  • Administrative – Scheduling, data entry, research, organisation, uploading blog posts, uploading videos, monitoring social media, email filtering, uploading products into shopping carts
  • Marketing – Press release creation, distribution, SEO, product and sales funnel development, online marketing plans
  • Finance – Budgeting, bookkeeping, receipt organising

However you choose to look at the core functions of your business, is up to you. The important factor is to understand what elements your business has:

  • Which things you do
  • Which things you don’t want to do
  • Plus, who can do it for you and why they should do it for you

Consider the different roles and categories as you make your lists.

And then start outsourcing your huge daily task-list and start thinking like the CEO of your business.

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Karina Bailey

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Written by Karina Bailey

Karina is the real person behind the Virtual Assistant. I support local small business owners, helping to relieve their admin stress and concentrate on their core business. When not at my desk working I can be found in graveyards, researching my family history. Dancing the Salsa and listening to local bands.