Virtual Assistant Social Media Management

At Virtuoso-PA | Virtual Assistant we offer an extensive menu of proven Social Media Management services:


Set up & Maintenance As a small business owner it’s difficult to tackle all social media platforms. It’s even harder to do it well. When you work with us with our social media management services, we can set up and maintain social media profiles on your behalf. Or perhaps you;

Already have your accounts set up? No problem! We can help you manage your accounts. With regular updates and efficient distribution of your content across all of the platforms.

Don’t have your profiles set up yet? We can set up a custom Facebook, G+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest for your business. Making sure that your accounts are visible and easily recognised with your unique branding.

Craft Updates We craft social media posts which are relevant to your business and of interest to your audience. In addition, we also mine the web for industry relevant news and articles that inform and entertain your social media followers.

Audience Interaction – We will keep your audience engaged by responding to comments, running contests, asking questions, and posting interesting/entertaining updates.

Research & Monitor Your Social Media Virtual Assistant helps research where you can reach your target audience on-line.

We research and follow industry websites and blogs on your behalf.  Then finally, at the end of the month we produce detailed Social Media reports which give an overview on how your accounts are performing.

At Virtuoso-PA | Virtual Assistant we know and understand the importance of Quality over Quantity. We won’t ever attempt to baffle you with vanity metrics.

Need help with your small business Social Media?  Get in touch with the Social Media marketing Virtual Assistant now to discuss how we can support you and the rates we charge.  

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We care and want your business to succeed.

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