Re-Energise Your Home Office and Yourself

Five tips to re-energise your Home Office

You get up in the morning, get your cup of tea or coffee, drag your feet head to your office and start your day. It’s easy to lose enthusiasm for the day and thus lose a bit of energy and productivity when you work from home. If you’re dragging your feet you need my five tips to re-energise your home office.

The good news is that sometimes all it takes is a little change in your surroundings to re-energise and give yourself that little bit of Umph, to complete your day.  

So here are five tips to re-energise your home office and yourself, if you’re missing the Umph.

1. Paint. Scientists have proven what many people have known for a long time: colour has an effect on our mood, our energy and our productivity. Colours like blue and purple tend to lull us into a relaxed state while reds and yellows tend to make us feel a bit more energised and sometimes, depending on the hue, agitated.

I have yellow curtains in my office; I wouldn’t want them in any other room in my home, but in my office they do make me ‘feel’ awake and raring to face the day. Even on the dullest of days I still see a bright outlook. So, paint or add colourful accessories to your office in a colour that fits your needs. A change in colour can be very energising and it’s an easy way to spruce up your home office for relatively little money.

2. Add lighting. Anyone with seasonal affective disorder, SAD, can tell you that light, natural light in particular, is very important for energy levels, mood and productivity. If you don’t have a lot of natural light in your home office, add some. You can add light fixtures in key locations and you can use natural spectrum light bulbs to simulate the sun’s rays.

My desk is located in-front of a large window, no matter how dull and gloomy the day I have plenty of natural light to keep me refreshed. 

3. Plants and other natural elements are great (water element). Plants do more than clean the air around you; they actually help people feel good and energetic. Strategically position a few plants in your home office for energy and natural air filters.

Some fun plants to try are the “Money Tree” to attract prosperity and a spider plant for its ability to filter toxins from the air. I am a gardening nightmare ~ my Mum goes crazy when she looks at the wilting pot plants in my garden, although the ‘Money Tree’ in my office thrives… Green fingers or an omen?

4. Organise so you don’t feel like you’re working in a pit. Clutter can drain the energy from a person faster than a screaming toddler. Organise your office and if you need to, spend a few pounds on some fun organisation accessories like colourful file holders. This adds colour and organisation to your office in one easy fix. My nickname amongst friends and family has been for many years ‘Monica’ as they say I am overly organised!

Is there such a thing as being ‘overly organised’? 

re-energise your home office5. Add a few of your favourite things. Many home organisation and business productivity experts recommend hanging pictures in your office. Consider making a vision board that represents your goals to inspire you throughout the day. Of course, pictures of family, nature scenes and art you’ve collected will also make your office feel like a welcoming place to be.

If you’re a crafty person, why not add some cheap and cheerful home-made items to your office. You can find many ideas on Pinterest or take a look here 20 Awesome DIY Office Organization Ideas That Boost Efficiency

Other small things like a comfortable office chair, an easy way to listen to music if you like to work to the tunes, and small touches that make your office feel like it represents you will all help you re-energise both your office and yourself. It’s amazing what a little colour, organisation, and personalisation can do. It really is easy to re-energise your home office.

five tips to re-energise your home office

Karina Bailey

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Written by Karina Bailey

Karina is the real person behind the Virtual Assistant. I support local small business owners, helping to relieve their admin stress and concentrate on their core business. When not at my desk working I can be found in graveyards, researching my family history. Dancing the Salsa and listening to local bands.