Never Underestimate Offline Marketing Methods

Offline Marketing Methods

Building a business requires a strategic approach to marketing. While many business owners today become focused solely on on-line marketing tactics, there are offline marketing methods that are effective and provide a significant return on investment. I know, as I’ve used them.

Offline marketing methods may take a little longer, but the benefits can be significant.

Business Cards

Would you believe that people still use business cards? Yes, It’s true, we do. Keep cards in your pocket or wallet because you just never know when you’re going to meet someone. A few months ago I was waiting in a long supermarket queue; I started chatting to the person next to me, the topic of conversation quickly came around to work and what we do, as it so often does. She was interested in my business on behalf of a Family member, so I gave her my business card; two weeks later I welcomed a new client. 

You may not think that business cards have much chance of building your business, but the return on investment for such an easy marketing tactic is quite high. Imagine if you dropped 200 business cards off over the course of a month and got one new client or customer – that would likely be a profitable return on investment.

Newspaper Advertising

Your local paper or supplements are an ideal way to reach out to your community. You’ll build awareness and with a good promotional offer, you’ll drive foot traffic to your store-front. When advertising in your paper, create a unique offer so that you can track the success of your print ad campaign.


How many coffee shops are there in a ten mile radius of your business? How many community centres, or educational facilities? Many of these locations provide you with an opportunity to hang flyers or peg postcards. They all have community bulletin boards that allow you to advertise and market your business. I designed and had printed 10 postcards advertising my services and placed them in cafes near to where I live. It was cheap and cheerful and gave me a bit of exercise and above all my offline marketing worked as I received a conversion. The ROI was well in excess of the few pounds it cost my business for making the cards. 

Create an attention-grabbing flyer with a unique offer. Use it to drive traffic to your business and like newspaper advertising, make the offer available only via the flyer so you can better track the success and return on investment.


Your community provides a wealth of networking opportunities. In fact, grass roots networking groups are popping up all over the place. People are realising that the power of networking is stronger than ever before and relationships build careers and businesses. Look to your community and nearby communities for networking groups, organisations, and opportunities. You should also look at Find Networking Events, it’s an online guide to Networking events locally.

If there isn’t anything available, consider creating a small networking group. Keep in mind that networking doesn’t have to mean formal. You don’t have to shake hands, hold meetings, and pass out business cards. Networking can be as simple, and effective, as a night at the local pub where you meet one another, talk about business and life, and build connections.

Begin integrating offline marketing into your overall marketing strategy. Set goals and measure success just like you do with online techniques, so you know where to focus your attention and build your business.

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Written by Karina Bailey

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