Increase Conversion Keep Email Marketing Simple

Keep Email Marketing Simple

Email marketing is a very effective way to market your products, services and information to your audience. But, it can be just as easy to confuse your readers to the point that they do not take action or worse case scenario, they don’t even open your email. If you want to improve conversions, and get a fantastic opening rate consider these ways to keep email marketing simple.

Create Attention-Grabbing Headlines – When someone opens an email, the headline is the first thing they will see after the subject line that enticed them to open the email in the first place. If this doesn’t grab their attention, they probably won’t continue reading. They may not even bother to open it.

Know Your Audience – The best thing you can do for your business is to understand your audience backwards and forwards, inside and out. The more you know who you’re crafting emails for, the better you can word everything to get the response you want. For easy ways to get the information read my blog E-newsletters How to Personalise for Excellent Opening Rates

Craft Subject Lines That Create Curiosity – Your first line of defence is the subject line of your email. If your subject line doesn’t make the reader curious enough to open the email to read the rest, nothing else matters. You may as well have not bothered.

Use Bullet Points – Inside the email message, be sure to make the information easy to absorb. One way to do this is to use bullet points for information and lists. People read on-line differently than they read a book.

  • They read vertically instead of horizontally.
  • Therefore, make the information match where the eye goes.

Provide One Link per Email – Don’t overwhelm your audience with ten links to different items in your emails. Instead, provide one link for the focused information that you want to get across to your subscribers. One link gives them one thing to do.

Know Your Specific Call to Action – If you can identify the one thing you want your audience to do after reading your email then it will be easier for you to design the subject line, headline and email to match.

Keep It Short and Simple – Super long emails don’t translate well because most people just want to know what the point is and move on from the email. Take out extraneous words and get to the point in your emails for faster action. Also, don’t use words like extraneous. Keep it simple.

Understanding that you can increase conversions by being more focused in each email that you send doesn’t mean you can’t promote more than one item in your email messages. However, focusing each message on one promotion will get you further than too many promotions in one email. The reason is that you avoid confusion and increase conversions by telling your audience about one offer at a time.

Do you need help? Want to know more ways to keep email marketing simple, then please get in touch.

Keep Email Marketing Simple


Karina Bailey

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Written by Karina Bailey

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