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Start-ups cut your costs and use free Accountancy Software

When you first start-up your business and venture into the world of self-employment and your new entrepreneurial life. You may not have bags of cash to throw into it. What you don’t want to do is divert money earmarked for your core business to money for accountancy software.

Although, you still want and need the ability to send out professional looking Invoices. Connect with your business bank account and produce monthly financial reports.

Getting paid for your services or product is a given. But, do you really need the high cost expenditure of paid cloud accountancy software when you can get it for free?

Free, yes you read that right! Free; Quickfile will cost you nothing. As a small business user Quickfile is a fully featured cloud accountancy software package which offers a bookkeeping and accounts system that will save you heaps of time and money!

Why do I continue to use Quickfile for my own Business?

Mostly due to the fantastic features:

Quickfile offers a lot of features including multi-currency, invoice styling, automated invoice reminders. Plus PO handling, and importing data. With the ability to upload receipts and integration with Dropbox and other service providers.

Reporting: There are a lot of reports (8 in total) and the ability to add customised reports. The reports in general do exactly what they say on the tin. I don’t use the VAT return but I believe you have to export the workings rather than just viewing them on screen.

Customers: Can login and view their invoices which is a fantastic feature and is easy to set up. It also allowed for that area to be customised with logos. 

Receipt Scanning: Scan or add your receipts and QuickFile will digitise all your hard copy receipts and upload them to the cloud. Your purchase records will also be keyed into the system enabling your receipts to be indexed, archived and searched straight from your dashboard. You just have to tag them.

Get Paid Quicker Online

With QuickFile you can host a fully branded client area where your clients can view, download, print and pay their invoices online. Link your QuickFile account directly into Worldpay, Paypal or SagePay and receive instant notification when an invoice is settled. You can also use Quick File to raise estimates or setup a recurring invoice for subscription based products and services.

Quickfile is a fantastic accountancy software and I recommend it highly. If you want to give it a try, just follow this link to access QuickFile

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Written by Karina Bailey

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