8 Benefits of using Cloud-Based Services as Virtual Assistants

The Many Benefits of using Cloud-Based Services

Cloud-Based Services or ‘the Cloud’ as we know it today was originally known as “software as a service,” or SaaS. Cloud-based services are a business model that uses licensing and monthly fees to allow its users to have access to software on the owners’ own servers. Users have access to the software using a unique URL, username, and password. As long as the user pays their monthly fee, they keep their access to the software.

Why I use Cloud-Based Services

There are so many benefits to using cloud-based services. Here are the top eight reasons why I use ‘the Cloud’ within my Virtual Assistant business:

1. Work from anywhere – With cloud-based services I’m not tied to my office desktop PC where the software is loaded. I can literally work from anywhere. Using any device. All I need is a device and a good internet connection. 

2. Automatic Updates Included – No more having to pay a large fee to upgrade outdated software. If an update is needed. It happens. I don’t need to worry about it at all. It happens seamlessly within the cloud-based system. 

3. Scale Up or down as required – When you first set-up your business you can often begin with the providers free to use package. Then, after you’ve upgraded, you can also downgrade if required during slow business times. Most are 100% flexible to your changing needs.

4. Lower Start-Up Costs – A small business can get started with the fully functional software they need for a lot lower cost. Where once you would have had to have spent thousands to get started, it can now literally cost £300.00 or less a year.

And there’s more…

5. Cloud-based services allow you to globalise your Business – You are no longer limited to hiring people in your geographical area. You can hire the best talent from across the globe. All your associates need to do is sign into your system from their own device, using their own internet connection. Which allows your business so many more options. As an example; I use associate VAs from all over the world. I choose the best. Those who suit my business, not just the nearest.

6. Lower Training Costs – Most cloud-based software programs offer their own training, so users can sign-in and watch training videos created by the provider, and also send messages to the help-desk on their own. Without your involvement.

7. More User-Friendly – Providers want people to use their services, therefore they need to make their service user-friendly.  Some even let you change the layout and available options to suit your own business needs.

8. Another massive benefit is the ability to write off 100 percent of the cost of the subscriptions – When you pay monthly for anything, such as rental furniture or software subscriptions, you can deduct 100 percent of the costs. If you had purchased the software outright, you would have to count it as an asset and depreciate it.

You can find Links to the cloud services I use below:

Office 365 

Adobe Creative Cloud 


These are just a few which I use during every working day. All you have to do is get searching. There are so many more out there on the web.

Cloud based services are massively effective and are a great option to consider using in your business. I couldn’t run my business without them.

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Karina Bailey

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Written by Karina Bailey

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