7 Reasons why I Love being a VA

Why I love being a VA

On Sunday evening I was chatting to a friend and she was amazed that I had no sense of the Monday morning blues; I was actually happy about getting back into work mode the next morning. She asked me to explain why, so I had a think about it ~ although I didn’t have to think about it for long. I basically love being a VA (virtual assistant) for a number of reasons and none of the reasons has anything to do with a relaxing work-life or the ability to look after young children while still earning and running a business. In fact, I think I work longer hours now as a virtual assistant than I ever did previously in my old life as an Employee. I thought of so many Pro’s and barely any Con’s. So, let’s look at the reasons why I love being a VA.

1) Virtuoso-PA thrives on organising and adores business.

During my work life as an Employee I would drool at the thought of changing certain working procedures that weren’t working well ~ knowing that the way things were done at that time just wasn’t right and didn’t really make the most of the resources and time the company had. Unfortunately In my previous work life I worked for large corporations, those not happy with change or those not willing to think of it.

Thankfully now I can look at the wider picture. I often restructure my own working practices and procedures. This also applies to my clients’ businesses. If I notice something which could make things easier or more efficient for them then I’ll suggest a change, thankfully they trust me and my ability and they agree.

2) I can be flexible with my working hours ~ Back tracking a bit on the first paragraph I know

Yes, I sometimes work later and longer hours but I do so at a time which suits me. I’m not stuck in the old 9 to 5 rut. If I have an appointment during the day or a family member or friend asks to meet up for lunch or a catch-up then I schedule my work around it; obviously I take into account deadlines on client work and having to be in my office to complete it.

I often work during the early evening and at weekends. My clients’ don’t know or care that I haven’t completed their work during the ‘normal’ 9 to 5 – I obviously don’t charge them at out of hours rate when I’m the one who needs/wants to be flexible. All they know is that their work is completed on time. I also work on the move or while out of the office… technology is amazing for a virtual assistant.

3) Finances.

It’s not a number one reason, as I really do spend a lot of my time taking care of unpaid work for my Virtual Assistant business; marketing, bookkeeping, networking etc.

But, once I invoice my clients’ and the invoices are paid, after tax, NI and licences are sorted then the money is all mine. I’m not a millionaire as Del Boy wished, however I do live a comfortable happy life. My bills are paid and I have a roof over my head, and as a single woman relying on no other wage I couldn’t ask for more.

4) Job Satisfaction ~ for work done well.

There is nothing as rewarding as receiving an email or card from a client saying ‘Thank You’ and being retained year on year.  The latter gives me an even bigger buzz, it also means that I’m looked on as being part of my clients’ team.

5) Diversity ~ No two days are the same.

I work for clients’ across a very broad spectrum of industries; from sole traders and national companies to charities. The work I do for them is therefore varied and so are the tasks they want me to complete as their Virtual Assistant.

This diversity also keeps me on my toes. I have to constantly update my skills and training, which thankfully I enjoy doing. I’ve completed more training as Virtuoso-PA than I did in the last five years of being employed.

6) Getting and retaining client’s.

Some may look on this situation as being stressful, but I tend to thrive on it. Perhaps that’s why I think I was born to be self-employed.

Three years on from launching Virtuoso-PA my marketing is not now as focused on getting clients, as they tend to come to me in the way of referral. Although I do still market to my ideal client occasionally.

Yes it’s true, you get a few clients through hard work and selling yourself and the rest flow in due to referral. It’s one of the best reasons why you need to keep your clients happy. My social media marketing these days is mostly for keeping my business name out there and remembered by Mr Google, Bing et al. I also like to catch up with other business owners I’ve virtually met on Social Media or have been on e-courses with. Although, I do like to keep some leads in my database even if I’ve not got the time available at the time they want my services – marketing correctly can be a good way to do that.

7) The ability to go with my gut instinct.

When I was employed in my previous occupations I often had to work with and support people and customers I didn’t really jell with. I didn’t like their work ethic or their morals. We’ve all been there! We had to just smile sweetly and get on with it, because it’s part and parcel of the job.

I vowed when I first set up my virtual assistant business that I wouldn’t work with people like it again, however in the early days I have to admit that some of my choices were dubious; In one instance I ignored my gut feeling and was happy to have a client. I then had to go through the hassle of chasing for late payment, feeling worthless and used – yes, it was that bad. Until I signed up for a THIS GIRL MEANS BUSINESS COURSE and this GIRL grew some balls and ditched the bad client and started looking at MY ideal client, the people I wanted to work with and support.

Now, I go with my gut feeling and also perform many background checks and stick to the ‘feeling’. Thankfully all of my current clients’ are a perfect fit and we work as a team.

So there you have it; 7 Reasons why I Love being a VA.

What are the Cons – I can only think of one and it rarely happens or affects me these days, but it’s.

·         The odd day when I’m having tech issues. A Virtual Assistant can’t work virtually without tech.

How do I overcome this?

·         I have my main office PC and a spare laptop.

·         My email and a few apps are the only things synced to the laptop.

·         Great IT support is a must. As is a little bit of basic knowledge yourself.

Thinking of starting up as a Virtual Assistant?

Here’s some helpful links:

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Let me know what you love about the work you do?

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Written by Karina Bailey

Karina is the real person behind the Virtual Assistant. I support local small business owners, helping to relieve their admin stress and concentrate on their core business. When not at my desk working I can be found in graveyards, researching my family history. Dancing the Salsa and listening to local bands.