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10 Top Social Media Tips

Small Business Social Media can appear daunting when you first take the plunge. A questions often asked is “How am I ever going to be seen amongst the multiple millions of other social media accounts?” The simple answer is, you reap what you sow. You just have to take note of these 10 Top Social Media Tips and act on them.

Yes, It is achievable; one simple way of making yourself seen and heard by your target audience is to follow these 10 Top social media tips and you’ll be posting like a pro in no time, you’ll attract the followers you need to attract, which in-turn should attract your IC (ideal customer)

If you haven’t thought of your IC, then you really do have to start afresh with your marketing and Social Media strategy. As without the thought in your head of who you are aiming your marketing at is pointless.

Go and Google or take a short basic course on marketing and your Ideal Client (IC)

Once you know who your IC is ask yourself:

1. What are your social media goals? If you don’t know where you want to go, it’s pretty hard to get there.

The following questions are good places to start when it comes to setting your social media traffic goal:

  • Why do you want traffic? Think about your end goal.
  • How much traffic do you want from each social media site?
  • How much money do you want to make from the traffic you receive?


I am a local Virtual Assistant and support local small business in Exeter, Devon. Therefore the social media tips I would give myself would be to concentrate on targeting local small business.

Why waste time and effort on the national or international market. When all you want to receive is local recognition. I see many in my industry posting on Social Media and it’s clear that they are following the ‘trend’ of others. They have no clear goals for themselves and haven’t asked themselves or those with knowledge about the basics. 

2. Look for questions repeated over and over on your chosen social networks. Provide the definitive answer.

Consider the people and businesses you follow on social media. You follow people and interact with them because you are interested in what they have to say, or you already have a relationship with them. You follow businesses because they are sharing things with you, giving you advice, entertaining you, or are intriguing to you in some other way, or you think that one day you may be able to help them.


3. Be consistent and post regularly during your audience’s peak posting times on any social networks you have chosen to frequent.

If you analyse your metrics across your chosen social media sites regularly, you’ll soon find out which times are the best times to post. No one wants to take many hours writing a blog or sculpting a linked post for it to go unnoticed ~ although often visibly unnoticed posts on social media sites (no likes, credits or responses) can and do offer up a positive business lead. Just because it doesn’t appear as seen on social media sites does not mean its a waste of time or a failure. I often post and receive little likes or RTs with public value, but receive private messages asking for help. All that glistens is not gold.

4. Include a mix of rich media in your social content. Video, photos, Instagram and Vine looping video clips.

Be personable in all of your messages. Continue giving your audience the information they can use to make their lives better. You’ll soon be…


5. Give your new product campaign a name – and start talking about it on your social media.

Stuck for a product but have an idea you’re not sure of.  That bright shiny object which is going to appeal to your audience? Use to create free surveys. You can ask questions for your new product idea and share the link on social media. 

6. Don’t be shy with your social media presence. Go for it – but be authentic – be you – and be social!

Give everyone an insight into you, and who you are; while remaining professional of course. It may sound cliché but it’s true ‘People do business with people’ I can’t ever stop being the real Karina with my occasional wows, oh my’s and dazzles with sparkly bits. My clients’ have met me and know the real me. They also know that I am very capable of knowing when to unleash the dazzles and when to be in business mode. I’m real, authentic and successful.

Keeping Clients Happy

7. If you want your social content to attract, do your best to share quality tips that are really unique.

Recently purchased a new printer for your office?  Let your viewers know your thoughts on it. Using a unique technique to crochet metal thread then demonstrate it! Your audience will soon start looking to you for advice.

8. Analyse your own social media posts. Which types got most re-tweeting? Most Interaction? Questions, graphics or blogs.

Most if not all social media sites have their own inbuilt analytic’s; Facebook has Insights, Twitter has the Tweet Activity Dashboard. If you want a one stop shop there are many you can use, for example  obviously the likes of Moz aren’t free after the initial trial period. I offer Social Media Management as a service to my clients’ so to save me time, and them money I use a one stop shop. Want to know more about the Social Media services I offer then take a look here .

9. Get to Know Those Who Are Very Active in Your Niche

It’s great to get to know the leaders in your field… but only because they are going to lead you to the followers. Never copy and always be unique. You can find and interact with people who are very active in your niche or are heavily interested in your line of business. Find the experts with the best social media tips for your business niche.

10. Make Use of Twitter Search and Hashtags

Use for easy #hashtag monitoring.

At the end of the day, just be yourself and have the knowledge to back it up. Never go blindly into Social Media without expert advice. It may look easy, but believe me it’s not. Before this blog ends my final contribution is never club marketing and social media marketing under the same umbrella. I know many marketing experts, who don’t have a lot to do with Social Media and vice-versa. As a start use my social media tips and go from here…

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